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HDH Dialer is an autodialer VoIP that help you to make the thousands of inbound and outbound calls with the best quality of voice recordings.

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Easy to Transfer call

Call transfer & Call Holding are the easiest way with HDH Dialer. Control your incoming calls with the call transfer.

Recording portal

In HDH Dialer there is a recording portal to record the calls of customers and agents with fine voice quality. With on click your agents can start..

Integeration with any crm

The HDH Dialer is providing the automated system in the form of CRM which will intergerate with your VoIP in order to save the records of leads…

What is HDH Dialer?

HDH Dialer is the smart cost effective way or you can say it is a technology that convert your voice into the digital signal and enable you to call directly from your computer. In easy words the HDH Dialer is the phone service over the internet. In HDH Dialer there are multiple features that can make your employees and management efficient in working in order to increase the turn over of your company.

Get Upto 50% More Calls Per Hour

Increase the call ratio on hourly basis with the clear crystal voice quality of HDH Dialer & increase the productivity of your agents & company as well. When calls landing speed get increased on your Dialer then your agents can automatically reach to the maximum customers without any distortion in the voce and also can generate the more leads and can build the strong relationship with the new and existing customers.

Auto Dialing With HDH Dialer 

Stop using manual dialer in your call centers & start the automated call system of HDH Dialer in order to increase the Revenue of your business by reaching the maximum potential customers in minimum time. Auto Dialing feature of the HDH Dialer is automatically dials the customers’ numbers in no time and agents just have to talk with the customers to convince them and sell them out products with their satisfaction.

Lower Rates of  HDH Dialer

Enjoy per second billing option with HDH Dialer. With HDH Dialer you can call anywhere in the world at the lowest possible rates. You can get the activation of your account within less than 30 minutes. HDH Dialer is capable to transmit your voice as data to the long distance and save your money as compared with the legacy, old phone system. Make globally distributed business easy with VoIP Phone System of HDH Dialer.


Customers Satisfaction

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Dialer HDH Voice Qulaity

International Competitive Rates of HDH Dialer

Canada Rate

Canada Flat Rate: 0.0055

China Rate

Landline: 0.0800
Cellular: 0.0800


Landline: 0.0300
Cellular: 0.0742

Italy Rate

Landline: 0.0050
Cellular: 0.880

Australia Rate
Landline: 0.0130
Cellular: 0.0200

India Rate
Landline: 0.0100
Cellular: 0.0100

Benefits of VoIP HDH Dialer

HDH Dialer ensures you the high voice quality and high volume of calls per second. For fast and quick access to all of your customers we have built in Caller ID for all of your branding and outbound calls.

Reach customers

Reach customer with HDH Dialer from anywhere in the world. Make sure you have fast internet and computer.

save moneny

The best thing of  HDH Dialer is that he charge only for the calls without any subscription Fee & Hidden Charges.

grow business

Adjust maximum seats of agents in the HDH Dialer and outreach more customers in order to boost the business and revenue as well.

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