Auto Dialing

Auto Dialing With HDH Dialer

Stop using manual dialer in your call centers & start using the automated call system of HDH Dialer in order to increase the Revenue of your business by reaching the maximum potential customers in minimum time. Auto Dialing feature of the HDH Dialer is automatically dials the customers’ numbers in no time and agents just have to talk with the customers to convince them and sell them out products with their satisfaction.



AutoDialing increase the talk time of agents which help them to improve their communication and negotiation skills.


This feature of HDH Dialer is reduce the idle time of the agents and increase their productivity and leads generation ratio.


With the feature of autodialing the call centers can easily detect the answering machines, disconnected numbers and the busy tones


The autodialing is comparatively less expensive than the manual dialing.

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CRM Connection

HDH Dialer is giving the opportunity to connec the any CRM of your choice with Dialer/VoIP to give boost to the business.
Integrate VoIP with CRM & Build Versatile workflow.

Transfer Call

Call transfer & Call Holding are the easiest way with HDH Dialer. Control your incoming calls with the call transfer. The call transfer feature in HDH Dialer is maintain the customer support by giving quick response to the call of the customer.

SIP Trunking

SIP is a protocol standard for managing connection from one endpoint to another endpoint. SIP is not only deal with voice, it can also manage the other medias, i.e (chat, video, voice).

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