VoIP Integration with CRM

The HDH Dialer is providing the automated system in the form of CRM which will intergerate with your VoIP in order to save the records of leads and customers at one place in one click.

Connect Any CRM with HDH Dialer

HDH Dialer is giving the opportunity to connec the any CRM of your choice with Dialer/VoIP to give boost to the business.

Integrate VoIP with CRM & Build Versatile workflow. During the working hours the management and the agents in the call center are engaged in multiple tasks which cause the different blunders and errors and sometime a minor error can costly for your business. To overcome these manual risky tasks the HDH Dialer is offering the automated VoIP integration which means you can use any CRM with VoIP/Dialer and get the effective and efficient without any error or issue.

Efficient Working

When the employees of any company move from manuall working to the automated CRM system then the error ratio will get decreased and performance automatically become efficient.

Data Security

The data of VoIp phone system that agents will store in the CRM will remain secure & safe without any lose.

Improve Management

The CRM Integration of HDH Dialer where improve the performance of the agents on the same way also make smart and fast to the management in order to maintain the quality of the sales and records of the company

Business Growth

The growth of the business will automatically get increase when agents start hit more sales with proper data management in the CRM.

Access Data

The best part of VoIp integration with CRM is that you can access CRM from anywhere, anytime & on any device in the world.

Cost Effective

Instead of buying the expensive hardware to store the data of your VoIP or Dialer the VoIP integration phone system is cost effective & secure in order to safe your data quickly without any lose or error.

See HDH Dialer Features

Transfer Calls

Call transfer & Call Holding are the easiest way with HDH Dialer. Control your incoming calls with the call transfer. The call transfer feature in HDH Dialer is maintain the customer support by giving quick response to the call of the customer.

SIP Trunking

SIP is a protocol standard for managing connection from one endpoint to another endpoint. SIP is not only deal with voice, it can also manage the other medias, i.e (chat, video, voice).

DID/Toll Free Numbers

DID is basically virtual number or you can say local telephone number in a specific country or city according to the requirement of the customers.

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