Recording POrtal

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Recording Portal

In HDH Dialer there is a recording portal to record the calls of customers and agents with fine voice quality. With on click your agents can start the recording of incoming & outgoing calls in the HDH Dialer. Without the call recordings the management can never discover the negotiation power of the agents and also can never be improve the sales quality. Maintain your recording in HDH Dialer without extra steps.


Listen recordings and identify the problems in agents and improve the quality of the sales


Get the recordings of the calls from the HDH Dialer & recover the missing details that agent forget to write during the live call.


Improve accents & pronunciation by listening your recorded calls.


Recorded calls in HDH Dialer can help you to resolve the disputes.

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Hosted PBX Phone System

The hosted pbx phone system is basically private telephone system that helps any business or organization to communicate internally or externally using communication channels Like VoIP.

Auto Dialing

Stop using manual dialer in your call centers & start using the automated call system of HDH Dialer in order to increase the Revenue of your business by reaching the maximum potential customers in minimum time.

CRM Connection

HDH Dialer is giving the opportunity to connec the any CRM of your choice with Dialer/VoIP to give boost to the business.
Integrate VoIP with CRM & Build Versatile workflow.

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