SIP Trunking

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SIP Trunking

SIP – Session Initial Protocol

SIP is a protocol standard for managing connection from one endpoint to another endpoint. SIP is not only deal with voice, it can also manage the other medias, i.e (chat, video, voice). The Hosted Vicidial Service use SIP to connect to VOIP endpoints. HDH Dialer is also providing the SIP trunks to enable you to make calls with fine voice quality over the separate Ethernet connection.


Use to transfer information from one endpoint to another endpoint


SIP Technology is an ideal solution for the call centers in order to handle the communication of the customers


SIP technology is cost effective becuase it's use the voip services to make stronger connection with the customers.


When you are moving your business then it's easier to move your sip than the physial wires


SIP connections are ordered individually and can be accessible immediately when needed

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DID/Free Numbers

DID is basically virtual number or you can say local telephone number in a specific country or city according to the requirement of the customers.

Recording Portal

In HDH Dialer there is a recording portal to record the calls of customers and agents with fine voice quality. With on click your agents can start the recording of incoming & outgoing calls in the HDH Dialer.

Hosted Vicidial System

The hosted Vicidial system is basically private telephone system that helps any business or organization to communicate internally or externally using communication channels Like VoIP.

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