Easy To Transfer Call

Easy to Transfer Call

Call transfer & Call Holding are the easiest way with HDH Dialer. Control your incoming calls with the call transfer. The call transfer feature in HDH Dialer is maintain the customer support by giving quick response to the call of the customer. In HDH Dialer you can transfer call from one VoIP phone to another phone within a second.



With call transfer reach maximum customers without missing any incoming call of the customer.


Build strong relationship with the customers by giving response on time.


Customer Support from HDH Dialer can transfer call to the specific department without wasting a single second.


More customers you reach with call transfer then more Revenue will generate in your company.

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SIP Trunking

SIP is a protocol standard for managing connection from one endpoint to another endpoint. SIP is not only deal with voice, it can also manage the other medias, i.e (chat, video, voice).

DID/Toll Free Numbers

DID is basically virtual number or you can say local telephone number in a specific country or city according to the requirement of the customers.

Recording Portal

In HDH there is a recording portal to record the calls of customers and agents with fine voice quality. With on click your agents can start the recording of incoming & outgoing calls in the HDH Dialer.

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